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New Photo Gallery – Troon North Pinnacle Golf Course in Scottsdale, Arizona

Written by: Tony Korologos | Thursday, April 17th, 2014
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Troon North Pinnacle Course - Click for more images

Troon North Pinnacle Course – Click for more images

I’ve finally processed a gallery of photos from the recent Hooked On Golf Blog World Tour stop in Scottsdale, Arizona. Part of that tour stop was a round at the famous Troon North Pinnacle Course, regarded by many as the #1 course in Arizona.

I’ll be posting a course review down the fairway a bit, but for now click the photo above or the following link to the Troon North Pinnace Course.

Photo Gallery: Masters Tournament – Augusta National Par-3 Course

Written by: Tony Korologos | Wednesday, April 9th, 2014
Categories: Golf CoursesHOG World TourPGA TourPro GolfThe Masters

Today is the par-3 tournament day at the Masters Tournament.  This tournament has been going since 1960.  The par-3 is a fun tournament where players interact closely with fans.  Some players who are not in the Masters Tournament are allowed to play the par-3 tournament.   Prior to the par-3 tournament there used to be a driving contest.

Augusta National Golf Club - Par-3 Course

Augusta National Golf Club – Par-3 Course – Click for more images

The par-3 tournament takes place at Augusta National’s par-3 course, possibly the most beautiful par-3 course in the world, though the folks at Three Tops located at Treetops Resort might argue that point.  As you will likely hear, no player who has won the par-3 contest has gone on to win the Masters Tournament.

Augusta Par-3 Course

Tiny greens… Augusta National Par-3 Course

I walked every hole of Augusta National’s par-3 course a couple of years ago and shot a ton of photos.  For one shot I even snuck onto a little boat I found in the lake.  The skies were a little gray the day I shot them but they still look great.  I put together a gallery of 77 images of the course, the largest and most complete online photo gallery of the course that I’m aware of.  All for you HOG “patrons.”  Click the photos or the link below to view the gallery.

Augusta National Par-3 Course Photo Gallery

Hooked on Golf Blog Interview – Golf Architect Andy Staples

Written by: Tony Korologos | Friday, February 28th, 2014
Categories: Golf CoursesGolf VideosInterviews

As you must know if you’ve frequented this golf blog I’m a big fan of southern Utah’s Sand Hollow Resort and their magnificent golf courses.  I’ve shot hundreds of photos of the Sand Hollow Championship Course and posted reviews of the Championship Course and Links Course.

Sand Hollow

Sand Hollow Championship Course, Hurricane Utah

As a result of my writing, photography, and social media on Sand Hollow I met golf course architect Andy Staples.  Since 2010 Andy and I have been talking about doing an interview, and I finally set it up!  I used the new (to me at least) Google Plus “Hangouts On Air” feature.  This is a cool live online video chat which then immediately produces a YouTube video of the event.  This is exactly what I was looking for to pursue one of my goals for this golf blog in 2014, more interviews of interesting people in the golf industry.

Check out the interview with Andy Staples below and pay close attention to the comments regarding conservation and energy management, and how they greatly improve a golf course’s bottom line.

There are a couple of small issues with this video.  First, my audio echoes.  Not sure why.  Fortunately Andy’s is great.  Second, I mention a flyover video which I was trying to overlay while we were talking.  Unfortunately it seems that google “intelligently” switches the video source to wherever the audio is coming from and it switched away from the flyover.  So I posted the flyover below the interview here.  Enjoy.

Augusta National Golf Club Eisenhower Tree Photos

Written by: Tony Korologos | Tuesday, February 18th, 2014
Categories: Golf CoursesThe MastersTiger Woods
Tiger Woods tees off on the 17th at Augusta National with Eisenhower Tree on left

Tiger Woods tees off on the 17th at Augusta National with Eisenhower Tree on left

After yesterday’s news that the famous Eisenhower Tree was destroyed in the recent ice storms in Georgia, I dug through my library and found a couple of photos of the tree. Above Tiger Woods tees off and is trying to hit a high cut over the tree.

Below shows the size of the tree and how much of the fairway it guards.

Eisenhower Tree guards left side of fairway on #17 at Augusta National

Eisenhower Tree guards left side of fairway on #17 at Augusta National

Ice Storm Does What President Dwight D. Eisenhower Couldn’t, Brings Down Augusta National’s Famed 17th Pine Tree

Written by: Tony Korologos | Monday, February 17th, 2014
Categories: Golf CoursesThe MastersTiger Woods

Sad news from the home of the Masters Tournament, Augusta National Golf Club.  The famous Eisenhower Tree lining the left side of the 17th hole was destroyed by the recent ice storm in Georgia.  The Club tried everything they could but the Eisenhower Pine Tree has been removed.

Augusta National Eisenhower Tree Damage

Augusta National Eisenhower Tree Damage

The Eisenhower Tree became famous because of President Dwight D. Eisenhower.  He hated the tree and motioned for the tree to be removed.  That’s when Augusta National’s co-founder Clifford Roberts declared the president “out of order.”

The tree has caused many a player problems, including Tiger Woods.

Eisenhower Tree (left)

Rumor has it that Augusta National has had a backup tree picked out, ready for a time like this.  I suppose we will find out what they decide to do in a couple of months when the 2014 Masters Tournament begins.

Below is a statement from Augusta National’s Billy Payne on the loss of the Eisenhower Tree:

“Like so many of our family, friends and neighbors in this community, Augusta National Golf Club has been busy cleaning up after the historic ice storm this week. Everyone affected remains in our hearts and prayers, and we likewise hope for a speedy and complete recovery for all.

“The loss of the Eisenhower Tree is difficult news to accept. We obtained opinions from the best arborists available and, unfortunately, were advised that no recovery was possible.

“We have begun deliberations of the best way to address the future of the 17th hole and to pay tribute to this iconic symbol of our history – rest assured, we will do both appropriately.

“I can report that the golf course sustained no major damage otherwise. We are now open for Member play and we will be unaffected in our preparations for the 2014 Masters Tournament.”

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