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Spotted: World’s Ugliest Golf Head Cover

Written by: Tony Korologos | Wednesday, June 13th, 2018
Categories: Boneheads

I try to bring great golf journalism that HOG patrons could not find elsewhere on the interwebs. Today I bring you the ugliest golf head cover in the world.

Because something this stunningly horrid needs to be seen from multiple angles, here’s another shot…

Don’t you love the faded fabric with the shredded stitching? The best part is the plastic thingy sticking out on the left.

I defy you to find an uglier head cover than this. If you think you have one, I need you to send me photos of it.

Cobra King F8 Driver Progress Report

Written by: Tony Korologos | Wednesday, June 13th, 2018
Categories: Golf ClubsGolf EquipmentGolf Gear

Now that the big City Amateur tournament ended a couple of weeks ago I’m in full on golf equipment review and testing mode. I’ve got stacks of golf balls, golf clubs, golf accessories, and golf apparel to review.  Currently in my gamer bag (and not likely to be dethroned any time soon) is the Cobra King F8 driver.

I’ve been testing the King F8 since a little before the Am, about three weeks.  I’ve probably logged 12 rounds with it so far and numerous buckets of balls on the range. The more I get used to it, the better I hit it.

I’m getting more and more confident with the F8.  A lot of that confidence is getting the club’s customizable settings right, as well as ball position and tee height.  It’s a bit different than my previous driver, not in a better or worse way. Just different. I think I’ve settled in on the weight and loft settings, with the heavy 12gram weight by the hosel and the MYFLY Loft setting at 10.5 degrees and a draw bias.

Note the milled face on the F8 driver

Stay tuned for my full Cobra King F8 driver review soon.

New Level Golf 1031 Forged Irons Review Progress Report

Written by: Tony Korologos | Monday, June 11th, 2018
Categories: GolfGolf ClubsGolf EquipmentGolf Gear

Last week was painful for two reasons.  First, I’d had a major flareup of tendonitis in a tournament. The pain was so bad I couldn’t even take a club out of my bag with my right arm. So I had to take a break from hitting any kind of balls, pound the ibuprofen, ice the hell out of it, and wear an arm brace.  The first day of my rest was naturally the day the New Level 1031 forged irons arrived for me to review.  I tried to give them a go a couple days later, but 4-5 balls into a bucket I had to bail.  It took a week to get back to being able to hit a ball, with my old arm brace back on.  Yesterday I hit a bucket with the irons, then hit the course for 18 holes.

I hit balls from the south end of the range, which faces due north. There was a solid 2-3 club wind right in my face.  I like hitting into the wind on the range because the wind magnifies any unwanted spin on the ball.  A small slice spin dead into a 2-3 club wind will kill the distance and force the ball offline considerably.  I started with some pitching wedges which were very solid and straight.  I moved to 8-irons and was killing them dead on line with virtually zero sidespin.  Straight into the wind 8 after 8 was on a laser right at my target.  I continued to move down the line, hitting each club down to the 4-iron.  Solid.  The only really bad shot I hit was the last range ball.  That brought me back to reality I suppose.

I continued hitting solid shots on the course. I hit a solid 7-iron onto the par-5 first from 189 yards, with a tailwind. Nice two-putt birdie. On a few holes I laid up with 4-iron off the tee with great success. Other highlights included a 8-iron to the par-5 13th from 170, and solid 7-iron to the par-3 18th.

I did have some bad shots. The round wasn’t all unicorns.  There were a couple of pulls, my default miss.  And a couple of heavy shots out of the rough where I caught a little too much grass.  I attribute those to simple swing breakdowns.

To be able to shoot a 75 in my first full round with the New Level 1031’s is very promising. Especially following an injury were I could barely grip a corn chip hard enough to scoop up some guacamole. I feel like with these irons and shafts I can swing aggressively and with confidence.  I’m still dialing in the distance as these do definitely go farther than my previous gamers.

I look forward to really dialing these in and hope to finally fix what has turned into the weakest link of my game, greens in regulation. I’ve got two club championships and a trip to Bandon Dunes coming up within two months. Time to nail it down.

Father’s Day Golf Gift Ideas Over $50

Written by: Tony Korologos | Sunday, June 10th, 2018
Categories: Miscellaneous

Now it is really crunch time.  You have just this week to get your golfing dad a Father’s Day gift. Since you waited this long, you might as well shell out some real dough for a super-nice gift.  This list is for you.  Get out your American Express Gold Card.  Here we go.

Bushnell Phantom Golf GPS Rangefinder – $99

Phantom showing yardages to center, front, back.

I’m still in the midst of reviewing the Bushnell Phantom golf GPS, but I can safely, and highly recommend it.  I’ve been gaming it for a couple of weeks now and love how quick and accurate it is. I also love keeping it in my pocket so I can grab front/back/center yardages from anywhere.  Stay tuned for my full review soon.

Tommy Armour TA1 Adjustable Driver – $299

You can find the Tommy Armour TA1 driver at Dick’s Sporting Goods.  This is a great adjustable driver for golfers who need forgiveness.  The driver comes in a very nice wooden box too, great Father’s Day package. Like the Bushnell GPS above, I’m early in the review period.  Stay tuned for more.

Cobra King F8 Driver – $399

I’m in the review/testing phase right now on the King F8 driver from Cobra. I’ve been gaming this driver now for a few weeks.  Starting to really like it. The face is the first ever milled face on a driver, and the adjustability is enough to make even the most obsessive compulsive golfer satisfied.

Shotscope V2 GPS Watch with Automated Performance Tracking

It is highly likely that the Shotscope V2 will win the Hooked on Golf Blog 2018 golf accessory of the year award. With this watch you can not only get yardages, but track every shot and view detailed statistics on every club, every hole, every round played on your mobile device or computer.  It is awesome.  Check out the Hooked on Golf Blog Shotscope V2 GPS Watch review for more.

Puma PWRADAPT DISC Golf Shoes – $150

Very cool treads from Puma.  These might be the most comfortable golf shoes ever made.  The “DISC” name comes from the disc which tightens the laces. It is a very cool system. Check out the Hooked on Golf Blog Puma PWRADAPT DISC Golf Shoe review for more.

Chase54 Trekker Golf Shorts and Frequency Polo – $79 & $73

My first Chase54 apparel review left me quite impressed with the quality, style, comfort and performance of the Trekker golf shorts and Frequency polo.  Highly recommended.

New Level 1031 Forged Irons – $1393.00

Do you REALLY love dad, and have a lot of money? Then I suggest picking him up a set of New Level forged irons.  I’ve just started testing the 1031 model, and they’re impressively long and accurate while being easy to hit.  It’s kind of like cheating.

Father’s Day Golf Gifts Under $50

Written by: Tony Korologos | Saturday, June 9th, 2018
Categories: Golf Gear

It’s time for the long awaited Hooked on Golf Blog Father’s Day gift guides!  This year I’m going to break the guides into two categories, golf gifts under $50 and golf gifts over $50.  Let’s roll on the under $50. To get more details about the product, click the bold/blue heading.

Aris Urethane Covered Golf Balls $24-$28

These balls are roughly half the cost of Titleist ProV1’s, but employ similar materials and provide similar performance.

Zero Friction Supertubes

Fun packaging. Comes with golf balls, tees, and a golf glove!

MyCharge AdventureMax Portable Charger  – $49

Dad has a cell phone, golf GPS and probably other devices he needs to charge. This is a rugged portable USB charger capable of keeping dad’s batteries topped off.

Grip Boost Grip Enhancement Products $9-$15

If your hands slip, you need a better grip! Get a grip with Grip Boost.

Nicklaus Staydri Polo $24.99 – Nicklaus golf shorts – $29.99

I wore this outfit yesterday. It’s a great summer setup with light fabric which is comfortable and wicks moisture from the body.

Wallaroo Shelton Sun Protection Hat – $48

Summer is here. Keep dad protected from the sun with this comfortable had from Wallaroo hats.

Golf Jet – Monthly subscription from $37

Golf Jet - Jet Pack

Golf Jet – Jet Pack

This is slick, a monthly subscription to Golf Jet which includes high quality golf balls, tees, glove and more.

Wilson DUO Soft Golf Balls

Soft golf balls are the rage right now.  Wilson has the softest golf ball on the planet in the DUO Soft.  Soft golf balls are easier to compress for golfers with slow swing speeds.

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