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First Look: Ragz by MitholoG

Written by: Tony Korologos | Friday, March 18th, 2016
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How many ways can what is possibly the oldest golf accessory known to man be presented?  Let’s add another, and I quite like it.  Check out my new towel (also known as a rag) from MitholoG:


Yes the color scheme is a bit funky against my Utah Utes golf bag, but I’m a rock & roll rebel who is willing to make a statement with clashing colors in my accessories.

I’ve got 36 holes logged with the MitholoG towel. I like the look of it so much it was hard to use it the first time, and get it dirty. But that’s what it’s for.

After a few more rounds with my Ragz I’ll post my full evaluation.  Stay tuned.

One response to “First Look: Ragz by MitholoG”

  1. Yepp says:

    I think the Next Generation Golf Towels by MitholoG are an awesome product. It is a golf towel has tons of personality. it may not be for many golfers, but there are those out there that appreciate uniqueness and golf accessories that are original. people would without question go buy a new $500 driver or a $300 Scotty Cameron putter. your golf towel is the most used item in ones arsenal. You clean your clubs, ball, wipe down shoes, wipe your sweat, blow your nose, but maybe not in that specific order. why wouldn’t you want something that is handcrafted in the USA when every other golf towel out there is coming cut up for penny’s on the dollar from probably China and being sold to the rest of the world for an inflated price. Handmade golf towel that is clearly no where else to be found. Count me in.