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HOG Exclusive Photo: New PXG Drone Putter Version 2.123

Written by: Tony Korologos | Wednesday, March 2nd, 2016
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On Twitter today My Golf Spy showed the new PXG (Parsons Xtreme Golf) putter, the “Drone.”  Funny that PXG used the word Drone for the name. Obviously drones are the hottest thing out there so PXG’s search engine optimization team suggested the name.  Voila.  More web views.

Anyway, not trying to scoop My Golf Spy, but Hooked on Golf Blog has some embedded sources within most golf companies who provide some fantastic images and information regarding new products, patents, and new product development.  One of my inside sources at PXG provided the image below on condition of anonymity.   Below is the next revision of the Drone putter, the PXG Drone 2.123. According to my source the “123” in the name represents the number of “screw weights that don’t seem to do anything.”

Yet-to-be-released PXG Drone 2.123 Putter

Yet-to-be-released PXG Drone 2.123 Putter

This product is still in development and yet to be announced or released. My source tells me they’re still working on the placement of some of the “screw weights that don’t seem to do anything.” If/when I get any more images or revisions to this putter I’ll share with loyal HOG readers.

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