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Golf Stock Photo Fail – Just Plain Absurd

Written by: Tony Korologos | Sunday, December 20th, 2015
Categories: Golf

This is the continuance of my brilliant series on boneheaded stock golf photos, Golf Stock Photo Fail.  This is part five in an ongoing series highlighting the idiotic golf photos commercially available out there on the interwebs.  How someone would pay actual money to use one of these is almost more mind boggling than the photos themselves.

Today’s title is “Just Plain Absurd.”  You’ll see why.

Jeff Spicoli putts a pink ball (Jordan Spieth style, not looking at the ball) on snow? “My father is a television repair man. He has an ultimate set of tools.”

“Hey lady. The hole is over here!”

“Tend the flag stick for me please. I can’t see the hole from 3.5 feet.” Also known as, a great woman’s ass is great advertising for men (heterosexual men of course)

Gigantic woman the size of the entire green lines up putt facing away from the green in the rough, with no shirt on. Makes sense.

I honestly can’t even come up with anything for this one. I have no words.

I pooped my skort!

I’ve long suspected that arab golfers tee up 3-woods on the putting green

Half-inch putts are best tapped in late in the day, with un-branded wedges which are rotated 90 degrees from the target line

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