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My Bigger Drone for Aerial Golf Photos/Video

My Bigger Drone for Aerial Golf Photos/Video

Last October for my birthday my lovely bride bought me a little UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle), also known as a “drone.”  Since then I’ve been deeply into the aerial photography/video world.  So much so that sometimes I’ve wanted to work on that more than play golf.   I can fly that UAV over golf courses to capture amazing photos and video.  The little drone is great, but due to its limitations and the fact that I have the desire for the best quality I can get, I’ve built a much bigger one which is almost ready to fly over golf courses.  See the image to the right.  Stay tuned for more on the big bird.

There’s too much “drone hysteria” right now.  Drones have a negative connotation because people think all that is done with them is risking people’s lives and invading their privacy.  I really don’t care what you do in your bedroom and I’m not flying my drone around trying to catch a crappy, blurry photo of you in your undies.  You should be much more worried about your own government spying on you than an “RC (remote control) geek” flying his toy helicopter.  I’m much more interested in capturing imagery from angles and perspectives never before possible, like this one:

Aerial Photo of New Mexico's Black Mesa Golf Club - © 2014 by Tony Korologos

Aerial Photo of New Mexico’s Black Mesa Golf Club – © 2014 by Tony Korologos

Above left is the 18th hole at Black Mesa Golf Club.  Black Mesa is about 30 minutes north of Santa Fe in New Mexico.  Right of the mountainside is the back nine, with #10 far right and all the bunkers on #12 in the upper right third of the image. So amazing looking.

Below is a shot of the par-3 15th hole.  The shot was captured with the camera about 150 feet in the air and floating above the mountains right of the par-5 16th.

Black Mesa Golf Club – Par-3 15th Hole – click for more

If you are looking for aerial photos/video for your golf course or other subject, lets talk.

One response to “HOG World Tour Stop at New Mexico’s Black Mesa Golf Club Produces Stunning Aerial Photos”

  1. SimonM says:

    Beautiful shots, Tony. Makes me want to book a flight and go there immediately!

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