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Rory McIlory to Represent Ireland in 2016 Summer Olympics – Perhaps United Will Get His Golf Clubs to Him by Then?

Written by: Tony Korologos | Wednesday, June 18th, 2014
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Ever have your luggage lost or damaged by an airline?  I have many times.   I can’t remember the comedian who said this but I love the joke:  “I walked up to the airline ticket counter and asked them for a ticket to New York but I wanted my bags to go to L.A.  The lady told me ‘we can’t do that!’  I asked her why not?  You did it last week.”

Apparently global golf superstar Rory McIlory is not much different than us regular folks.  He flew United to Ireland to compete in the Irish Open.  Unfortunately for Rory, his clubs didn’t make it.  Golf clubs are pretty important for professional golfers, so I’m told.  From Twitter:


On another note, McIlroy announced that he will represent his home country of Ireland in the 2016 summer Olympics.  Perhaps United will have his clubs back to him by then?

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