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Tiger Woods Hot Dog

Official carries the wiener off the 7th green…

Slow news day I guess…

This article in the Broward Palm Beach New Times discusses a new bistro called “kitchen” (yes with a lower case “k”) in West Palm Beach, FL which was opened by chef Matthew Byrne and his wife.  Byrne is a former personal chef for Tiger Woods.

“…for several months out of the year — South Florida. Later, he was introduced to Tiger Woods, and became not only his personal chef, but also the estate manager of his Jupiter home.”


2 responses to “Here’s Your Chance to Have Tiger Woods’s Personal Chef Cook for You”

  1. Ricky Potts says:

    I almost went to college in West Palm Beach. Maybe this is an excuse to go back and visit! What a clever name… There is a pizza place in Scottsdale called Sauce. Really? Regardless, it would be fun to have dinner here. I wonder what the menu will look like.

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