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Didn’t lose a golf ball in Mexico!

I’ve had a hell of a record going for an entire month of golf on some very tough golf courses.  Coming into yesterday I’d gone 192 holes without losing a golf ball.  Yesterday’s round was a Greek charity scramble.  Scrambles are a different animal in golf.  You try shots you normally wouldn’t when other players are already safely in play.  I lost a ball on the 8th hole at Wingpointe, a short par-3 over water.  I came up short and heard the sound of my ball hitting a rock.  Never saw where it went.  For all I know it was sitting nicely on a tuft of grass somewhere, but I’ll never know.  Didn’t see a splash.  So after seven holes yesterday it came to an end at the heartbreaking number of 199!  Wow.

199 consecutive holes played without losing a golf ball!

I started the new record, but that one ended exactly nine holes later, on another par-3, the 17th.  My record now stands at one.  I managed play the finishing hole without losing a ball!

Here’s the final tally of holes/courses

7/4/13 Kingsbarns, Scotland 3
7/5/13 Carnoustie Golf Links, Scotland 18
7/6/13 Castle Course, Scotland 18
7/6/13 Balcomie Golf Links, Scotland 18
7/10/13 Bonneville Golf Club, Salt Lake City 9
7/15/13 Bonneville Golf Club, Salt Lake city 18
7/18/13 Cabo del Sol, Los Cabos Mexico 18
7/19/13 Cabo Real, Los Cabos Mexico 18
7/19/13 Diamante, Los Cabos Mexico 18
7/24/13 Bonneville Golf Club, Salt Lake City 18
7/25/13 Fore Lakes Executive Course, Murray UT 9
7/30/13 River Oaks Front Nine, Sandy UT 9 (174)
7/31/13 Bonneville Golf Club, Salt Lake City 18 (192)
8/3/13 Wingpointe Golf Course, Salt Lake City 7 holes (199)

The record spanned three countries and 12 courses (some I played more than once).  It started in Scotland then went from there to the USA, Mexico and back to the USA.

That was fun.

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