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What Is The Worst Airline for Golf Travel? Reader Poll Results

Written by: Tony Korologos | Date: Monday, May 20th, 2013
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delta-airlinesThe Pundits Have Spoken…

I needed to use my professional tripod yesterday to shoot some golf photos and video.  I hadn’t used this particular tripod since my recent trip to Bogota, Colombia a couple of months ago.  Unfortunately I found out that my tripod joined the list of my property that had been damaged or destroyed by Delta Airlines.  The clamp which extends the top section of the tripod was broken off.  Add this to the list of three golf bags, two golf travel bags, broken head covers and trashed luggage courtesy of Delta.  Hell, on one trip, they trashed two separate bags!  Fortunately that time they paid for the damage.

I’ve had a poll buried in the bottom of the HOG pages here, slowly gathering some votes.   Based on my latest item trashed by an airline, I thought it a good time to post these poll results:

What is the WORST airline for golf travel?

  • British Airways (7%)
  • United Airlines (10%)
  • US Airways (13%)
  • Southwest Airlines(12%)
  • Continental Airlines(8%)
  • JetBlue Airways (9%)
  • American Airlines (14%)
  • Delta Airlines (27%)

The pundits have spoken.  Delta Airlines is the worst airline for golf travelers according to HOG readers and I’d have to agree.  I can’t believe they actually charge me extra money in the form of baggage fees to trash my gear too!  Such a privilege.  What’s even more crazy is that I pay that money just so I can rack up frequent flyer miles so I can presumably have my bags trashed for free on my next skymile redemption…

Next poll:  What is the BEST airline for golf travel?  Vote in the left column!

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