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Golf Travel: Gold Museum – Bogota, Colombia

Written by: Tony Korologos | Tuesday, April 2nd, 2013
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Muisca’s Golden Raft – click for full size

My golf travels have brought me to see some of the coolest places on this planet, from St. Andrews to Seattle.  Recently I traveled to Bogota, Colombia on a recent HOG World Tour stop.  Of course I sampled the local golf offerings in the fantastic La Cima Club de Golf and Country Club de Bogota.

Poporo Quimbaya – click to enlarge

Museo Del Oro – Museum Of Gold

While in Bogota I did manage to check out some non-golf related attractions in the area.  I visited “Museo Del Oro” or the “Gold Museum.”  Inside the museum are over 50,000 pieces from indigenous cultures in Bogota’s pre-Hispanic era, before any contact with Europe. This is the biggest collection of its kind in the world.

The artifacts in the museum are stunning.  I strongly recommend adding Museo Del Oro to your life bucket list.


The famous “Golden Raft” is an unbelievable artifact.  As part of the El Dorado ceremony, the heir to the chieftaincy offered this piece to the gods.  It is said that when the Spanish discovered this piece, the first of many thousands, they began to believe in a lost city of gold.


I could go on about the history, but honestly I’m not an expert on it.  I was there a short time and absorbed as much as my limited cranium could hold.  Be sure to add this magnificent display of art and gold to your must-see list.  For now, enjoy the HOG Gold Museum Photo Gallery.

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