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The first rock concert I ever saw was Ted Nugent.  For a young kid, that was an eye opener.  So cool when he jumped off the stack of speakers 20 feet high and shot a target across the audience with his bow and arrow.  They can’t do that kind of stuff these days. That was the first time I ever saw someone (and smelled someone) smoking pot.  Ah the memories…

Ted Nugent’s drummer Mick Brown, 55, was arrested for allegedly operating a golf cart under the influence of alcohol following a concert in Maine with Styx and REO Speedwagon.

Some great quotes from the arresting officers:

“Brown pretty much took a golf cart and had a couple of chicks hanging on the back.  He was whooping it up, but the women were yelling for him to stop.  One officer had to jump out of the way.”


A concert with Styx and REO Speedwagon?  Wow.  Talk about some 80’s cheese.  No wonder he got drunk, just to deal with the other two bands.  He probably stole the golf cart just to get away as quickly as possible.

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