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Oakley Cipher Golf Shoes

Oakley Cipher Golf Shoes - click to zoom

People keep asking me what the coolest thing I saw at the PGA Merchandise Show last week was.  The first thing that comes to my mind isn’t a golf ball, golf club or anything like that.  The coolest thing I saw and experienced at the show was the new Oakley Cipher golf shoe.

The Cipher shoe is so light, it practically floats in the air.  The Ciphers weigh in at 9.2 ounces (.575 pounds) and have “nano-spike” technology instead of standard spikes.  Basically the bottom of the shoe looks like it has a large grain sandpaper for traction.  The nano-spikes are replaceable.   Very cool stuff.

I put the Ciphers on at the demo day and hit a few shots.  I TRIED to make myself slip on the wet morning grass and I couldn’t!  And when I inserted my foot into the Cipher, while wearing very comfortable Kentwool socks, the comfort level was off the charts.

Oakley has told me they’re sending in a pair for review, so I’ll post the review as soon as I can.  These shoes are very exciting.  Wish I had them walking around the hard ground in St. Andrews last summer.

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