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First Look: Tour Edge Exotics XCG5 Driver

Written by: Tony Korologos | Wednesday, January 18th, 2012
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Tour Edge Exotics XCG5 Driver

Tour Edge Exotics XCG5 Driver - click for more

The latest driver added to the review queue here at Hooked On Golf Blog is the new Tour Edge Exotics XCG5 driver.  This is a 460cc driver with ultra-mega-light 43 gram shaft.  In my first round with it, I hit the longest drive of the group and hit every fairway with it.

Disclaimer: my group had two players and we played three holes.  I only hit the driver once…


Man who nearly died buried in snow on Mount Rainier and lost for 50 hours says it is still better than golf. Ouch.

Written by: Tony Korologos | Wednesday, January 18th, 2012
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Yong Chun Kim

Man buried in snow: "golf is too much stress."

Golf can be very frustrating, and if you are a player who has a short fuse (you know who you are), very stressful.  I can get pretty upset, though I don’t usually display outward frustration.  I clam up and call myself a few four letter words followed by the word “head.”

As stressful and infuriating as golf can be, golf will always beat a day at work for most people, myself included.  Wait a sec, I work on the golf world.  Bad analogy.  But I think you get the point.

Nearly freezing to death buried in snow for 50 hours is still better than golf?

66 year old Yong Chun Kim was snowshoeing on Mount Rainier in whiteout conditions (something I don’t really see the joy in) and fell some 150 feet.  Attempting to get back to the group he was leading, he fell more and became buried in snow (picture right).  For some 50 hours Kim would use his lighter to burn articles of his clothing and even the $6.00 cash in his pocket to stay warm until he was rescued.

“Its better than golf you know?  Golf is too much stress.”

Just like a golfer who swears to quit game only to show up the next day, Kim says he will be back to Mount Rainier as soon as possible…

Local pro and club thief helps me review the new Bridgestone Golf J40 445 driver

Written by: Tony Korologos | Tuesday, January 17th, 2012
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Bridgestone J40 Driver

Bridgestone J40 445 driver - Click for more images

This product review is going to be a little different than my standard format.  I’m teaming up with a local pro and buddy, who will remain anonymous.  This is to protect his relationship with his equipment sponsor, who does not happen to be Bridgestone Golf.  In fact, he puts his other driver’s cover on the 445 just in case.  Why do I need to include him?  Because I only had the opportunity to hit the J40 445 driver three times.  After my friend the pro hit it on the range, he took it from me and refused to give it back. I’m not kidding.  He won’t let me have the club back, despite how badly I’d like to try it more and see if it could earn a starting position in my club lineup.  My J40 3+ fairway found an instant starting position and if the driver is close to as good, it would too.

About The J40 445

What does the 445 mean in the name?  That’s how many CC’s or cubic centimeters the head is.  99.9% of the drivers out there right now are at the max allowed cubic centimeters which is 460.  Be reducing the size a bit, Bridgestone has increased the stability of the club and reduced the aerodynamics.

The club is made from 6-4 titanium with the weight moved to the perimeter.  There is also a stainless steel weight in the heel.  This helps with accuracy and forgiveness, and gives the club a low center of gravity for a mid to high launch angle.  The club also produces less spin, once again helping in the accuracy department.


David Feherty inks deal with Bridgestone

Written by: Tony Korologos | Tuesday, January 17th, 2012
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Feherty Bridgestone

David Feherty inks deal with Bridgestone Golf

Did you miss those funny Cobra ads with David Feherty in them?  Looks like we will be seeing some new Feherty golf equipment ads, now from his new gig with Bridgestone Golf.  Bridgestone and Feherty have “inked a multi-year deal.”

“Not a lot of people know this, but I am a huge ball expert. In fact,over the years I played for a living, my balls took a lot of punishment in the form of tops, shanks, cuts, scrapes, and I’ve even lost a couple. As it turns out, I was playing with balls that should have been hit by someone else in the first place! Well, you live and learn. I think I’ve been driving on the wrong tires too. It’s safe to say that Bridgestone is making my world better.” ~David Feherty


HOG SPACE fantasy golf 2012 season begins February 2nd. BIG prizes and new “Majors Only” tournament added!

Written by: Tony Korologos | Monday, January 16th, 2012
Categories: Fantasy GolfMiscellaneousSite News


The 2012 “HOG Space” fantasy golf season begins at the PGA Tour’s Waste Management Phoenix Open on February 2.  The season will conclude at the end of the FedEx Cup playoffs.


HOG SPACE is a FREE fantasy golf league for anyone to join, brought to you by my two main golf sites, Hooked On Golf Blog and The Golf Space.  If you haven’t yet, please sign up at The Golf Space and set up your golf profile.  TGS is approaching 6,000 members!


Those who have played HOG Space fantasy golf in the past have won prizes from big golf companies like Nike Golf, Bridgestone Golf, FootJoy, OGIO, Nicklaus Golf, Bobby Jones, Frogger Golf, Rife Putters, Dornoch Putters, Tattoo Golf, Sumi-G and many more. Last year’s winner won a Nike VR-Pro driver, while 2nd place and 3rd place won killer golf shoes and golf outerwear from FootJoy.  We also gave away 12 dozen boxes of Bridgestone Golf balls in 2011.

Prizes for 2012 will be announced in February, after I get back from the PGA Merchandise Show.  You can be sure there will be many big prizes to win.

Over the years we’ve awarded weekly prizes.  These are a pain to ship and only about 40-50% of the winners claim them.  I have yet to make a decision as to whether weekly prizes will be awarded in 2012.

Speaking of prizes, those who failed to claim prizes last year it is now too late to claim them.  Unclaimed prizes will be used for other contests or donated to my local junior golf.


  1. Point your browser to Kerplookee.com.
  2. Create an account if you don’t have one. It is easy.
  3. Click on Join a private league.
  4. Enter league ID 145
  5. Password is: Masters

Players who were in the 2011 HOG Space league do NOT need to sign up again.  You are already in!


In addition to the regular year long fantasy league hosted by Kerplookee, HOG Space will be testing out a new “majors only” fantasy competition.  This league will be hosted on Buzz Fantasy Golf’s site.

Each of the four majors (The Masters, US OPEN, British Open, PGA Championship) will be an individual competition with special prizes.  We may try to combine those four majors to produce a “major winner” of another prize.  Stay tuned.

More details and signup information will be posted when the league is set up.


If you wish to sponsor 2012 HOG Space fantasy golf, the benefits are great.  You will receive a ton of love from the patrons of HOG and TGS, as well as millions of hits throughout the 2012 season from banner and link placements on both host web sites.  Contact me to inquire about becoming a sponsor.


Talk all about fantasy golf in The Golf Space Fantasy Golf Discussion Thread.

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