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Like most golfers, I’ll try anything to save a few strokes.  The lamp shade thing didn’t work too well last week.  It was worth a try…

Ruez Underwear

My desk: keyboard, mouse, coffee, chipotle wing sauce, Ruez undies… What? This isn’t a normal desk?

New across my desk here at HOG World Headquarters and newly added to the review queue are two pairs of undies from Ruez Performance Underwear (above).

Ruez’s underwear features a “performance pouch” and moisture wicking fabric which “brings a comfortable, clever end to chafing, sweating and adjusting.”


Well I can say this.  I’ve been working out at the gym lately.  I’m just sayin’….  And as was evident in my Potty Putter photo shoot, I’m not afraid to take pics of myself in my undies or less and post them on the internets.

That being said, I’m NOT going to stuff my performance pouch like the promo photo seen right.

One response to “New sports undies help male golfers prevent schwetty balls? I’m not going to stuff my performance pouch.”

  1. Al says:

    Wait – that photo isn’t you?!?

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