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Lee Westwood

PGA Tour Bound

Wow this is cool news.  World ranked #3 Lee Westwood will join the PGA Tour for 2012.  Any time the USA tour can snag a top ranked player from the European Tour is good with me.  That just means I get to see him play more.

The news though, doesn’t mean that Westwood won’t play on the Euro Tour, or for the 2012 European Ryder Cup team.  In fact, the Ryder Cup seems to be one small contributing reason why he’s playing in the USA in 2012.

“It just feels right to me in a Ryder Cup year to commit to a full programme in the United States.”

Lee, if you are playing here in the USA, you’ll need to change the way you spell words like “program.”

2012 Shaping Up

So let’s check this for a second.  Westwood joins Rory McIlroy for 2012 on the PGA Tour, and there are hints that Graeme McDowell will be playing more in the states as well.  Looks like 2012 is going to be a good year in the USA, and even tougher for Tiger Woods to come back and win with more top 10 ranked players in action here.

Bring it on!

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