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Time for a serious rant about a golf course here I played today.  Davis Park Golf Course, north of Salt Lake City up in Davis County, is normally a fantastic course with a great layout and conditions.  The greens are usually excellent.  So my Thursday group of four guys decided to take the hour long drive up there and play it our one time per year that we usually do.  I was responsible for booking the time, called the Davis pro shop TUESDAY and booked a 10:30am tee time for today, Thursday.

When my approach shot on #1 hit the green I saw sand splash up.  I looked at my buddy and we knew what that meant.  The greens had been punched and sanded.  Now I understand that course maintenance and punching may be necessary, but there was no warning on the phone, no sign at the pro shop, no mention by the people behind the counter.  These greens are AWFUL.  They’re so slow and bumpy that trying to make even a two foot putt is not even a 50/50 chance.  My first putt of 10 feet, came up 5 feet short.  The greens at this course were running at probably less than a 5 on the stimpmeter.

This is NOT fun golf and it is total chicken sh*t that this course didn’t disclose the conditions.  Had our group known, we would have gone somewhere else.  Of all the aspects of golf, I enjoy the putting component the most.  This is where I’m the best and where my advantage is over my opponents.  I couldn’t enjoy the round and couldn’t take advantage of my strength.  We would have left to play somewhere else, but one player had a time commitment which prevented us from doing that.

Customer Non Service

I mentioned to the youngster in the pro shop that it would have been great if they disclosed the punching of the greens when I called and talked to them.  He said “sometimes people in the pro shop don’t know.”  Really?  Turn around and look at the freaking 9th and 18th greens.  They’re 20 feet from your window.   I mentioned that they should post a sign or warning that the greens were punched, and he said that wasn’t regular policy.   That is a poor non policy if you ask me.

How It SHOULD Be Done

My home course River Oaks is GREAT with these situations.  They actually post a sign on the clubhouse and range shop entrances several weeks prior to punching, warning the clients.  The week or so after the punch, the course posts signs to let the patrons know about the punched greens and offers a very deeply discounted rate.  That is how it should be done.


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