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Small signs that the game may be returning?

Written by: Tony Korologos | Friday, July 22nd, 2011
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The last few rounds I’ve had here at home have been tough, and costly in bets lost!  It seems I adjusted well to golfing in Scotland, and my game decided to stay there.  I’ve had a hard time getting my game back to say the least, but today’s round at Wasatch Mountain State Park’s Mountain Course showed some positive signs.

Swinging too easy?

Every summer it seems that I go through this same lull.  In fact, I may search my mid summer blog posts of years past and see when I made this same discovery.  My swing seems to drift off into nowhere land and I can’t quite figure out why the contact is so bad and the driving distance is so low.  Then it hits me that I’m not swinging hard enough!  It happens every year it seems.  A pal or two will tell me that my swing looks like it isn’t being finished, or it is decelerating.  In my efforts to be relaxed in my swing, I may not be actually swinging hard or fast enough, and not whipping the stiff shafts on the clubs.

I’ll swing harder for my next round, a money game at one of my home courses Sunday.  Hope it pays off…

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