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St. Andrews SojournIn preparation for my pending golf trip to St. Andrews, my best bud sent me some books to read via Amazon. I’m doing my best to plow through them, as slow of a reader as I am.

I’m really enjoying my current read, St. Andrews Sojourn: Two Years at Home on the Old Course.

St. Andrews Sojourn is the story of a golf writer named George Peper, who slices his tee shot on the The Old Course in St. Andrews, goes into town looking for his errant ball, and ends up buying a home which looks over the course.  Though he buys the place as a rental property, he eventually moves in and experiences the dream of  living next to the world’s most famous golf course in the world’s most famous golf town, the “Auld Gray Toon.”

I hope to have this one finished by the time I land in Philly tomorrow on my way to Scotland.  It reads very easy and Peper’s humor and analogies are terrific.

I’m sure we’ll see George’s place as we play the 18th hole this coming week.  If I slice a ball into his yard, I’ll be sure to stop by and get it so I can say hello.

One response to “Current read: St. Andrews Sojourn: Two Years at Home on the Old Course”

  1. James says:

    Hi Tony – Welcome to Scotland and particularly St Andrews. I am not sure if you have been before, but it is a fantastic part of Scotland, not just for its golf. There are 24 golf courses within a 20 mile radius of St Andrews. Have a great time! – James

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