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That last two nights I’ve been in the press room until the wee hours.  But tonight I don’t have time this moment to write my daily comments about the action.  I’ve got an appointment with some Golf Space and HOG followers with some BBQ and frosty beverages.  Show me some of that Texas BBQ.

So I’ll quickly post a shot which tells the story for Sergio Garcia today, short game.

Sergio Garcia

Sergio Garcia blasts out of the sand on #14 - Click for more images

Sergio got up and down from the sand on 14, 16 and 18 and I was right there to witness all the shots.  14 was impressive.  Sergio also putted as well as I’ve ever seen him putt.

If I’m still conscious after the BBQ and frosty beverages, I’ll chime in on the day’s play and upload a zillion photos.

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