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HOG World Tour – Quest for Sand Hollow

Written by: Tony Korologos | Monday, May 9th, 2011
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Sand Hollow Golf Utah

Sand Hollow is amazing, and I'm heading back.... NOW!

This is an auto-post due to the fact that I’m now on the road heading south as fast as I can legally go.  The HOG World Tour is making a stop today at Sand Hollow Golf Course in Hurricane, Utah.  I’m teeing off at noon, rain or shine.  Right now it looks like rain but I don’t care.

Of all the many great courses I’ve played, Sand Hollow ranks in the “special” category.  I could be spending my time reviewing some new (to me) courses in the Southern Utah, Mesquite or Las Vegas areas rather than doing Sand Hollow, but forget that.  Sand Hollow calls and I must answer.  It has been calling me since the last time I walked off the 18th green.

Links Nine

This time around I will be experiencing the “Links Nine” along with the primary 18 this time.  I have yet to enjoy the Links Nine, but that will change in about seven hours.  I’ve heard many great things about the Links, and from what I understand is walking only.  Cool.

I’ll be doing some live blog updates here on HOG, and many many updates on my TGS Twitter page.  There’s a surprise new course in store for for the HOG World Tour tomorrow (Tuesday the 10th) as well so stay tuned.

One response to “HOG World Tour – Quest for Sand Hollow”

  1. Tom Heiman says:

    great track i have played it a coupke of times