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Time for another edition of “stupid golf press questions.”

Media scribes and blogs all over are going nuts and Tweeting their little fingers to the bone.  “Jack says Tiger will break his major record.  Jack says Tiger will break his major record….”  Rinse. Repeat. Retweet. Yawn.

Jack Nicklaus has said many times over the years that he thinks Tiger Woods will break his major tournament victory record.  Personally I think that major record is seriously in doubt right now based on how Tiger is playing.

But what kind of answer did the media expect yesterday when they asked Jack at the Honda for the trillionth time if he thought Tiger would break his major record?  Of course Jack is going to say yes.  Imagine for a minute if he said no!?!?!  If he said no, he’d be contradicting himself and the media would go completely apesh!t.

So everyone calm down, stop Tweeting and blogging this headline as if it is some sort of huge breaking news.  Set your mouse down and back away from the computer….

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