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Every company thinks they need to use social networking to promote their brand.  OK that is fine.  But if you are going to start a social networking campaign for your company, make sure you have someone do it who knows what they are doing.  Otherwise you may lose more fans than you gain.  Here’s a good example below.

EA Sports Tiger Woods
EA Sports is trying to promote their new Tiger Woods PGA game which features Augusta National Golf Club.  Great.  But they make a Tweet asking people to click “like” if they’ve pre-ordered the game.  The only problem is that there isn’t a like button on Twitter.  They’re confusing Twitter with Facebook.  DOH.

2 responses to “If you’re going to use social networking for your business, don’t be a bonehead.”

  1. actually says:

    Actually that message is from the EA Sports Facebook page. Like many, they have it set up to automatically Tweet out all status updates.

  2. The image posted is from twitter. Facebook posts set to automatically post to their twitter page.

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