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Could you stand idly by and watch your friend be the victim of theft?  I can’t.

I have a friend and fellow golf blogger named John Duval and his site is called Into The Grain. I had the pleasure of meeting and even playing golf with John in Orlando earlier this year.   John wrote a nice article with 10 pointers on playing winter golf back in January 2010.  There are some great pieces of advice in there which will really help golfers deal with golfing in the winter.

Apparently Tallahasse.com’s Becky Sauers liked John’s piece so much, she decided copy and paste it into an article and call it her own.  She made a couple of small changes to John’s work, like changing the words “ski parka” to “big heavy jacket” and such.  That way she must have thought nobody would notice that she was stealing someone’s work.  Of course she gave no credit to John and had no permission from John to use his material.

The biggest no-no in journalism is plagiarism or stealing material.  Where I come from we string up people who do that and stone them.  Then we take them to Detroit to be tortured.

See Becky’s article below left and John’s article below right and click the images to see larger versions:

Becky Sauers’ next move needs to be removing that piece from Tallahassee.com’s web site, and then posting a public apology and admission that she stole someone’s content.

Man up Becky.  Golf is an honorable game.  We call penalties on ourselves.  We’re waiting.

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