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Thanksgiving is coming up (for those of us in the USA at least).  And with that holiday comes the tradition of the HOG Turkey Awards.  Every year I post the top 10 turkeys or boneheads of the year.

Here’s my short list right now, in no particular order.  Please comment in your opinions or suggestions!

1. Jim Furyk for being DQ’d from a FedEx cup playoff event because his cell phone battery was dead and his phone didn’t wake him up.

2. PGA Tour for DQing one of the their most honorable and dependable players, Jim Furyk because he was late to a pro-am. Give the guy some slack already.  Furyk ends of winning the FedEx Cup anyway.

3. Dustin Johnson (part 1) for failing to win the US OPEN.

4. Dustin Johnson (part 2) for grounding his club in the bunker on the 18th at the PGA Championship and the subsequent penalty which knocked him out of the playoff.

5. The PGA of America for “Bunkergate” at the PGA Championship.

6. Tiger Woods’ porn star mistress for saying she had a sex tape of Tiger, then later admitting it was a phony.

7. Ryuji Imada for suffering 26 penalty strokes in a tournament in China.

8. Ray Halbritter, CEO of the title sponsor of the Turning Stone PGA Tour event, gives himself a sponsor’s exemption to play in the tournament.

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