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Leaving sunflower seed hulls on the greens is a prime example of how not to be considerate of other golfers.

Please, please do not discard your sunflower seed hulls on the greens!  It is completely LAME to do that, as other golfers have to pick them up to prevent them from knocking their putts off line.

If you run a golf shop or the food and beverage of a golf course, do not carry sunflower seeds in the hull.  If you must carry sunflower seeds, make sure they are the kind with the seed removed!!!

Thanks in advance.

2 responses to “How not to be considerate of other golfers: Leave your sunflower seed hulls on the green”

  1. Brad Wihebrink says:

    And don’t, I repeat don’t be that douche who inadvertaley screams out the F-word or some other profanity after a bad shot leaves you in the ‘drink’ or rough as the chances are great that there is another golfer at that same particular time who is in the middle of his downswing on another hole. This is severly distracting to the other players, and really just pisses your fellow golfers off.

  2. quick fat loss says:

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