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Congrats to Dustin Johnson for winning the BMW, 3rd round of the FedEx Cup playoffs

Written by: Tony Korologos | Sunday, September 12th, 2010
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I’m very glad to see Dustin Johnson come through on a Sunday, and do what it takes to win a huge tournament (this week’s BMW a.k.a. round three of the FedEx Cup playoffs).

Losing the opportunity to win the US OPEN and the PGA Championship in one season could have been very damaging to Dustin’s psyche, or it could have toughened him up and given him the experience he needed to deal with the pressure.

Apparently the latter was the case.

Congrats to Dustin.  I’m guessing there will be many more victories, including majors coming down the line for him.  I can’t wait to watch.  I’m officially a DJ fan.

4 responses to “Congrats to Dustin Johnson for winning the BMW, 3rd round of the FedEx Cup playoffs”

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  2. Austin Anderson says:

    Dustin Johnson is so chill that I think he took those disappointments as part of the game, and just knew his break would come.

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  4. San Diego Golf Course says:

    Congratulations to Dustin Johnson, everyone is given a chance to shine, we just need to wait for the perfect timing.