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Testing out some social networking links

Written by: Tony Korologos | Friday, August 20th, 2010
Categories: Site News

I’ve (perhaps temporarily) added some social networking links to the bottom of each blog post.  If you like a post here, click share for facebook, TWITter or the share for other social engines.

I may not use this engine as it accesses another web site to load, so it slows the site down a bit.  But let me know if you think the social links are a good idea.

Actually, upon further examination, the windows and options which pop up are very much driven toward gathering info and getting signups at another site.  I anticipate getting rid of this one and putting the one I mention in the next paragraph.

There’s a different facebook option, which just puts a “like” button and posts that like to your facebook profile.  I may go with that one instead.  Still tinkering.

2 responses to “Testing out some social networking links”

  1. It’s always nice to be social Tony! Have a great weekend…you and the MRS.

  2. compressionboardALF says:

    good idea to keep the buttons – this is the age we are living in now.