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Fantasy foursome arrives in Atlanta

Written by: Tony Korologos | Monday, April 5th, 2010
Categories: Life

The fantasy foursome has assembled. We are in Atlanta heading to MLB opening night with the Braves / Cubs.

2 responses to “Fantasy foursome arrives in Atlanta”

  1. JamesLongHale says:

    Re: Tiger–If the question is Tiger’s focus on the course, think back when we didn’t know what was really going on in the other part of his mind, and ask, “Is what is now going on, which we know, any more or less distracting than what we now know was going on?” My money’s on the “new” Tiger.

  2. Travelling Golfer says:

    The only way it would be better is if you were getting to see my St. Louis Cardinals!

    Enjoy a pimento cheese sandwich for me!

    You’re a lucky dude!