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California Representative Joe Baca made a statement today about pending Tiger Woods legislation he had proposed. In light of the recent events he will not be pursuing legislation to honor Tiger Woods for promoting good sportsmanship and breaking down barriers in golf.

One response to “Congressman ceases pursuit of legislation to honor Tiger Woods for promoting good sportsmanship”

  1. Miranda says:

    The way Tiger cussed on the course, and threw clubs (tantrums), I wouldn’t have thought he promoted good sportsmanship to begin with. Obviously Joe Baca only saw what he wanted to see when he watched golf. How about honoring Mickelson? I saw him signing autographs in Akron after the horn sounded and everyone was told to get off of the course due to dangerous weather. Yes he has some personality issues too but he’s much more friendly than Woods and I’ve never seen Phil throw a tantrum.

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