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Tiger will be glad to hear that I approve his web site redesign

Written by: Tony Korologos | Date: Wednesday, August 26th, 2009
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TigerWoods.com has been revamped. Not sure exactly when since I don’t frequent it a ton, but fairly recently. I’m much happier with the new function and features of the site versus the old one. The old one looked cool, but it was all flash based, and restricted to the fairly small container they built.

The new site isn’t flash based (which is really good), and contains much more content, videos, blogs, photos of Tiger woods etc.


Did you webpreneurs out there hear that? You may think Flash is cool with all the animations, sound effects and things flying around your screen, but that stuff gets old faster than you can say “loading…. loading…. loading….”

Yes, as I’ve said before, only two people like all the Flash animations and sound effects in web sites:

1. The Flash designer.
2. The person who paid the Flash designer.


Speaking of Tiger’s web site, he posted a new blog today about going into the “playoffs” (cough). I’ll save the “playoff” rant for another day.

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