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I’m very good pals with FootJoy.  They’re sponsors of this year’s fantasy golf for one, and I’ve reviewed their gear as well with more reviews on the way.  Can you say FootJoy Icon Review?  Soon.

FJ is now in beta with a social networking engine similar to my other site The Golf Space, only obviously with a FJ flare.  “FootJoy Community” can be found at http://www.footjoy.com/myfootjoy.

Great start

The site looks great.  FJ and Titleist are really good at making very simple and elegant web pages which aren’t too complicated with too much flash junk flying around and doing loops.  I hope they keep them that way.

I had some registration bugs and could only sign up with the basic profile fields filled out.  After getting logged in I was able to fill out the rest of my profile.  Small things like that are to be expected when you’re in beta so no worries.

My FJ Profile:


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