AT&T ratings TRIPLE with Tiger in the field versus last year

Written by: Tony Korologos | Tuesday, July 7th, 2009
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The Tiger Factor

Many people get tired of the golf media, announcers, TGC (Tiger is God Channel) and web sites constantly talking about Tiger Woods. But the fact is, Tiger is what 99% of the viewers want. When Tiger is playing, golf web traffic skyrockets and golf television rankings go through the roof.

Case in point

This year’s AT&T’s rating were three times as high this year with Tiger in the field over last year when Tiger was injured.

I personally love watching Tiger. I love watching the best golfer play golf, and history being made. Just like when Michael Jordan played, I watched even though the Bulls weren’t my team.

No matter who rises to challenge Tiger, be it Bob May, Anthony Kim, Chris Dimarco or Rocco Mediate, Tiger rises that much higher. It is truly amazing. No wonder the general public wants to see Tiger and no wonder the golf media gives them plenty.

One response to “AT&T ratings TRIPLE with Tiger in the field versus last year”

  1. golfmanagement says:

    I am somewhat surprised no one has made any comments on this subject as yet. There can be no doubt Tiger Woods latest performance based on the set of circumstances he was facing, had to be one best of his career.