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Tiger is 240 out hitting a 3-iron. He pulls it 40 yards left and over the gallery. Some idiot in the gallery yells at the top of his voice, “get in the hole.”

Phil Mickelson is in the US OPEN, hacking out of knee long rough, trying to get back to the fairway. “Get in the hole.”

Fred Couples hits a terrible 30 foot putt, pulling it 12 feet left. “Get in the hole.”

Anthony Kim (today) is in the deep left rough, just trying to hit the green. “Get in the hole.”

Memo to all you beer drinking idiots who know nothing about golf: SHUT THE F&*K UP.

Anyone else who is standing by these boneheads in the gallery, would you please join our cause and help us out by letting them know how stupid they are and that they should either shut up or leave? Please?

3 responses to “Memo to all you beer drinking idiots who know nothing about golf, SHUT UP.”

  1. steelshark says:

    I agree. As a new golfer, I was horrified by some of the comments coming out of the gallery at the U.S. Open on Long Island. Some ppl just can’t control themselves when alcohol is involved.

  2. SimonM says:

    Amen! I am so sick of that stupid shout. Let’s also include, in the gallery of stupidity, those guys that yell incoherently the split second the player has hit the ball. I know that technicaly the time for silence is finished after the ball is struck, but come on!

  3. golfmanagement says:

    Some people are smart, some people not so much, and some people are idiots. The type of people guilty of this type of irresponsible behavior fall into the catigory listed last.

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