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I deal with asses who steal my posts all the time. The latest is this site which is a “free” godaddy account. The url has golfofficial in it, but the stupid header says gaminglot.com. They’re scraping my posts, and the posts of many other golf blogs and reposting them on their site. Even more, they have banner and google ads on their site. If someone clicks one of those banners, they’re making money off of stealing mine and other golf bloggers’ hard work. They might as well break into my car and steal my golf clubs. No difference.

I specifically say in my disclaimer that this isn’t allowed. Time to report them to google and godaddy and see if I can get their stealing worthless asses shut down.

Just to show how quickly they steal my posts, here is an image if this post I just made as it appears on their site:

One response to “GolfOfficial.com are content stealing aholes who should be strung up and forced to listen to Kenny G until their ears bleed, or until they take their own lives, whichever comes first. Then they should be taken to Detroit to be tortured.”

  1. Jerks, did they at least have the courtesy to give you a “reach around” trackback? 🙂

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