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My game is showing very positive signs

Written by: Tony Korologos | Thursday, April 23rd, 2009
Categories: GolfHackers

Here in Salt Lake we don’t really have spring or fall.  We go straight from 24″ of snow, to 85 degree temps three days later.  That really happened last week.

Perhaps it is the warmer temps.  Perhaps it is the fact that I’ve been playing and especially “practicing” more.  My game is definitely showing signs of coming out of hybernation.  My last four rounds are, 73, 72, 73, 73.

I’m trying to put together a complete 18 holes.  In round one above that score included a 33 on the front nine, the harder nine of my home course.  Round two had a 33 on the back.  Round three had a 35 on the front.  Yesterday I got in about 13 holes due to the crowd and running out of daylight.  When I finished I was -2, with a 32 on the back nine.

If I could just put two nines together in one complete round we’re talking mid 60’s for a score.  Perhaps that will happen today.

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