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Tiger Woods fields stupid press questions

Written by: Tony Korologos | Tuesday, April 7th, 2009
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I’m not sure what I’d ask Tiger Woods if I ever got to interview him.  I might just freeze up and pass out.

I’m watching the live interview of Tiger at Masters.org right now.  The questions were pretty good at first but the same stupid questions are popping up now.

Dumb press question 1: “Tiger are you confident going into this week?”

Tiger Woods: “Yes.”

Dumb press question 2: “Tiger do you expect to win?”

Tiger Woods: “Yes.”

…come on guys.  You need to ask the #1 player in the world, and arguably the best golfer EVER if he expects to win or if he’s confident?  That’s insane.

UPDATE: Now watching Geoff Ogilvy interview.  They’re asking him about Tiger.  Gag.

3 responses to “Tiger Woods fields stupid press questions”

  1. golfrealist says:

    It’s like Super Bowl week..there are far too many writers who have little, if any, ability to analyze the play in the Tournament/Game so their job is to play the role of respectable paparazzi..Gary Van Sickle..a third rate golf writer for SI..is doing the same thing by stoking the Phil..Tiger fantasy face off. There is no face off because Tiger has been and always will be at a level Mickelson will only rarely achieve. It’s really like comparing Arnold Palmer to Gene Littler..Littler was a very nice player but…..
    My take..Woods shouldn’t even do these little dances..announce ahead of time he is focusing only on the event and will do interviews if and when he wins..What is the PGA Tour going to do? Spank him?

  2. AppleHack says:

    I was sitting there watching it and wondering when somebody would ask something interesting

    How many times can people ask Tiger about his routines and/or practice?

  3. randson says:

    That was dumb. Everyone knows Tiger is confident about winning. Ask him something like, “How many strokes are going to win by?”

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