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Fred Couples putting stroke, Northern Trust

Written by: Tony Korologos | Sunday, February 22nd, 2009
Categories: PGA Tour

I’m trying to watch the finish of the Northern Trust Open on my DVR without finding out who won… Phil Mickelson, Steve Stricker, Rory Sabbatini and Fred Couples are battling it out. Stricker is looking good (especially since he’s on my fantasy team).

I’ve never realized how bad Freddy’s putting can be on short putts. His real stroke is nothing like his practice stroke. I can now understand why he switched to a belly putter. Unfortunately I saw an incoming link to HOG which spoiled part of the outcome stating that Freddy came up short. However it didn’t say who won so I’m still not completely spoiled…

2 responses to “Fred Couples putting stroke, Northern Trust”

  1. 4Checker says:

    I never realized how odd Freddy’s swing is. He has tremendous tempo, but he’s working some very odd planes.

  2. meovino says:

    I was pulling hard for Freddy. But you’re absolutely right about his stroke on short putts. I’d rather see him over a 10 footer than a 3 footer. Way too short coming through.

    On the other hand, he did a lot better than I did on Sunday 🙂