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Written by: Tony Korologos | Date: Tuesday, December 9th, 2008
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As I’ve mentioned a few times before, I don’t typically wear golf gloves.  But after wearing a couple of great gloves recently, I’m considering a change, at least for the cold weather of winter golf.

I’ve played a bunch of rounds with a Cutters golf glove.  Cutters gloves are crossed over from gloves made for other sports.  Cutters is famous for being in play on may NFL and college football receivers’ hands.  The same technology which helps those football players hang on to the ball helps a golfer grip solidly.


Cutters gloves employ their trademark “C-TACK™ Material” for an enhanced grip.   C-TACK allows you to grip your club with less pressure.  If you can be relaxed yet have a firm grip, you can generate more power, control and club head speed.

On The Course

I’ve found that I’m hitting very solid shots with my Cutters golf glove on.  I’ve also found that a glove has helped reduce the problems I have with golfer’s elbow and tennis elbow (yes I have both).

With winter here now, having a glove on helps keep one hand warm.


I love Cutters gloves, but I don’t love their web site.  First you have to either sit through or skip the fancy-dancy flash intro.  Forget the flash and get me to the meat of your site asap please!

The web site also condenses everything into a fixed window with scroll bars.  I’m not sure what they were thinking there but they should axe the scroll bars.  To get to info on each product offering you must wade through the small fixed window and scroll bars.  A menu linking to a page with each product would be much better.

Cutters Interview

Below is a video from the 2008 Vegas PGA Expo where I have my buddy Dave give a quick description of Cutters gloves.  Check it out:

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