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Written by: Tony Korologos | Date: Tuesday, December 2nd, 2008
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I have several golf shirts with skulls on them.  My driver shaft and putter shaft have skulls on them.  My golf bag has skulls on it.  My golf glove has a skull on it.  My golf belt has skulls on it.  My head covers have skulls on them…  Finally I have skulls on my balls… Ahem.

With Christmas coming soon, here’s a great golf stocking stuffer for the golfer who has everything.


GolfDotz are tiny stickers you put on your golf balls.  They practically blend right in with the cover of the ball, and stay on well unless it is cold.  I don’t need to put my initials on my balls anymore.  Mine are easily identifiable by the skulls on them.

Buddy: “What ball are you playing?  Mine has blue markings on it.”
Me: “Mine has a black skull and cross-bones on it.”


Putting the GolfDotz on couldn’t be easier.  Do a wide cut from the sheet around the dot you want to place.  Place the dot on the ball where you want and press it in.  That is it.  Super easy.


GolfDotz are available in close to 50 different styles from lady bugs to aliens and everything between.


GolfDotz are surprisingly durable.  I shred golf ball covers with my milled wedges and I can shred GolfDotz too, which is to be expected.  Otherwise they stay on and are fairly resilient.

In cold temps I’ve had problems getting the Dotz to stay on.  In fact the package backing and the dot sheet even separate in cold temps (under 45 as I’ve found).


GolfDotz are cool and FUN.  Stay tuned as I’ll be giving a few Dotz away here and at The Golf Space as prizes.

GolfDotz Gallery

Click here for more of my images in the HOG GolfDotz Gallery.

2 responses to “GolfDotz”

  1. Some golf dudes have …er, everything 😉

    These dotz are seriously cool. Thanks for showing off your … er, dotz 😉

  2. golfdotz says:

    Tony, I am glad you liked the golfdotz! I laughed at your opening paragraph, great review. By the way for all the W fans out there we are releasing limited edition photo golfdotz next week to say goodbye to George. (only available through January 20th 2009!) Check the web site out over the next few days for details.
    Finally I just wanted to say that golfdotz are not stickers but a new generation medium created by mad scientists in our underground lab. They have Zero profile. Happy golfing!
    David P

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