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Stolen driver forces poulter out of Singapore Open?

Written by: Tony Korologos | Wednesday, November 12th, 2008
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Ian Poulter had his driver stolen in Shanghai. Unable to get a suitable replacement, he decided not to risk world ranking points by playing a different driver in the Singapore Open.

“I am really gutted. I have been thinking about it for four hours and I have decided to withdraw because my new driver will not arrive on time. It is disappointing because I did not come all this way not to play. But with so many world ranking points at stake, if I played badly I may have lost ground.”

The seven P’s

My dad has always lectured me about the “seven p’s”… “Proper prior planning prevents piss poor performance.”

With all the money at stake and all the dough someone like Poulter has, you’d think he’d have a backup of each club with him on the road?

3 responses to “Stolen driver forces poulter out of Singapore Open?”

  1. 4Checker says:

    Above and beyond basic preparation, does it really make sense to not even start a tournament without the driver? From the reports I saw he would get a new driver by Friday, so he would only have to use his brassie for one day.

    Just think of all the sad, disappointed Shanghai Poulter-heads who lined up the night before to get tickets to see him.

  2. Miranda says:

    Just a couple of observations: 1. There’s crime in China? Other than dissidents trying to destroy the utopia the government has created, I mean. 2. What does this say about the World Rankings system when not playing is rewarded more than playing and not doing well? Is this part of the First Tee program – only try something if you’re sure you’ll succeed?

  3. Perhaps it was a more serious event for Poulter. Perhaps someone stole his hair gel?