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Tiger Woods gets another knee surgery down the street

Written by: Tony Korologos | Date: Tuesday, June 24th, 2008
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Tiger Woods had his bad knee reconstructed here in my neck of the woods (sorry for the pun) again.  This time Tiger’s ACL was repaired.  My offer of some beers, popcorn and a few video games to Tiger still stands if he’s recovering in Deer Valley as I suspect.

Tiger’s doctor: “There were no surprises during the procedure, and as we have said, with the proper rehabilitation and training, it is highly unlikely that Mr. Woods will have any long-term effects as it relates to his career.”

Tiger: “It was important to me to have the surgery as soon as possible so that I could begin the rehabilitation process…  I look forward to working hard at my rehabilitation over the coming months and returning to the PGA Tour healthy next year.”


Apparently Tiger has had some real problems since just after the British Open which is when he tore his ACL jogging.

Boy what message does that send to the other PGA Tour players?  This guy is beating up on them and winning U.S. Opens with a torn ACL and multiple fractures in his leg.  Damn…  What if he was healthy???

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