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Tattoo Golf Mallet Putter Cover

Written by: Tony Korologos | Thursday, March 27th, 2008
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Tattoo Golf Mallet Putter CoverOne of my all time favorite golf companies is Tattoo Golf. Tattoo Golf makes “aggressive” golf products, most of which have the awesome skull and golf club cross bones on them.

Tattoo Golf is now branching into some new golf product categories. Add head covers to the list.

I’ve had the pleasure of using my Tattoo Golf mallet putter cover now for about 20 rounds. The cover is made of black leather (what else would it be?), and has an awesome magnetic opening which firmly seals 100% around my putter head. I was worried that my Elite Sport Dead On putter’s odd large size would be a problem but it wasn’t.

It’s Always Good To Have Protection

The cover is very well padded. Putters can cost hundreds of dollars these days and that investment needs to be protected. My awesome putter is well protected against dings and scratches. Conversely, the other clubs in the bag are protected from the putter.

Tattoo Golf Mallet Putter CoverLongest Putter Cover On The Market

When heading to the green, part of my routine includes taking the cover off while walking. Then I like to throw the cover over my head, back toward my golf bag or golf cart. Sometimes I’ll throw it like a frisbee. It’s sort of fun to play target practice with the Tattoo Golf head cover because it’s so substantial and flies so well. In fact, I’m going to state for the record that I think this putter cover flies farther than any other putter cover on the market.


If you have a wimpy putter cover, either because of it’s functionality or how it looks, I recommend a Tattoo Golf version. It will protect, look cool and last a long time.

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