Devil Driver

Written by: Tony Korologos | Friday, December 14th, 2007
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I’ve reviewed many different drivers from the Nike Sasquatch SQ Driver to the Fat Bastard Driver. Tonight however, was my first experience with Devil Driver.

Devil Driver?

Devil Driver
is not a golf driver, it’s a metal band. I’m a metal head and I listen to some pretty brutal stuff sometimes. Tonight I went to an awesome show which featured four killer metal bands: Killswitch Engage, Soilwork, Lamb of God and of course Devil Driver.

The show was amazing and I’ll probably write more about it later. It’s about 1am and I need to go to sleep. But here are a couple of pictures from the show and a video.

devil driver

The picture above is of Devil Driver on stage. The guitar player on the right is Mike and he’s my new pal. He was introduced to me by my other pal Matt. We had some frosty beverages after DD played. You can see me, Mike from Devil Driver and Matt in the picture below.

devil driver

Guru gets sucked into the mosh pit

The video below was shot during Lamb of God’s set. These guys are brutally heavy metal and they got the crowd swirling like a hurricane. The video is not enhanced or sped up. This is actually what was happening. I got sucked into and then spit out of the mosh pit a few times.

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