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Now that the first FedEx Cup is over and the dust has settled, what’s your take? Was it a success or a flop? Do you even care?

The goal was to get more of the top named players playing at the end of the season, and playing head to head (Tiger Woods against Phil Mickelson for example). Tiger and Phil both bailed on tournaments in the playoffs.

What I think it has done, is make the PGA Tour season end a month and half early. No Tiger now. No Phil. I haven’t watched golf on TV since the Tour Championship and I don’t care that much. I think they may have had a media rush last month but my guess is they’re sucking wind now in the TV viewership department.

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One response to “FedEx cup a Success or “FedEx Flop”?
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  1. ibparn says:

    Other the deferred payout, I think it was a great success. The great thing for me was Tiger showed how great he is again. Maybe Phil should have got some more secrets from Butch..

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