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The Golf Space logs 1,000,000th visitor

Written by: Tony Korologos | Wednesday, August 29th, 2007
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golf space golf social networkingMy “other” site is called The Golf Space. TGS is a free golf networking and community site. I’d say it’s everything for golfers that myspace is for strippers and teenagers, only without the porn and spam…

At TGS each member (over 2300 now) has his or her own profile, blog, matchmaker, photo galleries, golf equipment list, game overview, golf stats, golf records and a zillion more items. TGS also has monthly contests and golf prize giveaways from TGS sponsors.

Anyone, even other golf networking sites, can have a free account and network themselves or their products and services. Unlike many golf forums and sites out there, I don’t “ban” people just because they have a product or service that competes with a site sponsor and I don’t “ban” people because they are or aren’t affiliated with other golf sites who consider themselves “competitors.”


Some time while I was asleep last night the 1,000,000th visitor stopped by The Golf Space. TGS opened during Masters week 2006, so that puts the average at about 64,000 visitors per month. That’s “visitors” and not “hits.” Hits would be in the zillions…

I’m very happy to provide a free resource for golfers like TGS and I’m very happy to see the growth since it’s all from word of mouth advertising. TGS has no paid ads out there and mostly relies on new members generated by HOG and by other member referrals.

Spam free since December 2006

During the first half year or so TGS was hacked and brought down, and some spammers got in. They were posting erectile dysfunction spam, porn spam and other garbage. I implemented several countermeasures, like captcha and the “favorite pro golfer” fields to the profiles as a result. I’m happy to say those spammers haven’t gotten through since December 2006.

Say hello

Visit my profile and get a flavor for TGS if you haven’t already:

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