Sergio Garcia Disqualified from PGA Championship

Written by: Tony Korologos | Saturday, August 11th, 2007
Categories: PGA Tour

Sergio Garcia was disqualified for signing an incorrect scorecard today in the 3rd round of the PGA Championship. He wasn’t playing terribly well anyway but did manage to make the cut.

Boo Weekly put in the wrong score on his card, and Garcia didn’t correctly check the scores before signing and leaving the scoring area. Like Garcia said after the British, he’s playing against more adversity than any other player out there… Yeah, right.

Garcia needs an attitude adjustment

On the 18th hole Garcia knocked a shot pretty close, 2-3 feet. He then proceeded to 3-putt. After lipping out the 2nd of the three putts he stood over the ball for an inordinate amount of time and put a mean gaze on the gallery crossing the fairway like it was their fault.

Yup I’ve been there. Someone walking 50 yards away from my two foot putt is always to blame when I miss.

3 responses to “Sergio Garcia Disqualified from PGA Championship”

  1. kittp777 says:

    I agree that Sergio needs to correct some had habits of late. A hot temper does not belong on the golf course. It always has and will contnue to be a gentleman’s game, so to speak. I like Sergio, but the attitude has to go or he will be just a memory. Just my opinion

  2. wantes says:

    I am extremelly surprised to see that Boo Weekly is able to write. I hope the player makes a lot of money and leaves the circuit to fish and hunt the rest of his life, as he wish to do

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