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David Duval withdraws from the British Open

Written by: Tony Korologos | Saturday, June 23rd, 2007
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Citing personal reasons, David Duval has withdrawn from the British (I men “THE”) Open Championship.

I imagine this could be the final chapter in the Duval mystery. Something tells me a year or two down the road Duval will only be a distant memory. After using up his “top 25 in career earnings” exemption I certainly don’t see him obtaining a tour card any time soon.

3 responses to “David Duval withdraws from the British Open”

  1. Miranda says:

    David still has an exemption for being in the top 50 career earnings. He hasn’t used that one yet, so he could still play next year.

    I found that info here: http://www.davidduval.org/stats.htm

  2. He’ll be gone as soon as he’s done pulling exemptions out of his rear end…

  3. gripgolf says:

    I love when Duval plays in event. Sometime he unexpectedaly makes a cut and angrily addresses the media after his good round and tells them that he should never be counted out and he has found his game. the following day he shoots an 83. He does not speak to the media after. Duval would be interesting if he were likeable. Thank god Nike spread their bets. Maybe GRIP can pick him up on the cheap.