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John Daly’s wife allegedly attacks him with a steak knife

Written by: Tony Korologos | Friday, June 8th, 2007
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Man the John Daly story gets more and more bizarre. In this story JD tells how his wife came at him with a steak knife. He was probably trying to eat her steak or steal her ciggies…

In all seriousness I wonder when the JD story ends? Way too early I’m sure. It will end in a deadly drunken car accident or some bizarre, substance related tragedy. Too bad. I really like JD but that’s where it’s headed when the dough runs out and times get more stressful. That IS going to happen.

One response to “John Daly’s wife allegedly attacks him with a steak knife”

  1. […] didn’t play well enough to keep his PGA Tour card. But the most odd story must have been when he showed up on the first tee with a bunch of scratches on his face, supposedly from his wife attacking him with a steak […]