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Got some free Top Flite D2 balls yesterday

Written by: Tony Korologos | Tuesday, April 24th, 2007
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A while ago I signed up for some free golf balls on “The Balls To Go For It” web site at http://www.theballstogoforit.com/. I thought hell, why not get a couple of free golf balls.

They arrived yesterday and to my surprise the Top Flite D2’s didn’t feel like the old “rock flites” I thought they would. I managed to get to the 5th hole before I lost them both on this really tough course with hazards all over the place.

I didn’t really play these balls enough to do a decent review, but they felt nice off the driver and putted nicely as well. If I get more on course time with some I’ll do a better review of them…

top flite D2

One response to “Got some free Top Flite D2 balls yesterday”

  1. gipper46 says:

    Just got my Top Flite sample last week. Played 36 holes and thought they were the best Top Flite model yet. Hit ’em long and nice soft touch around the greens. Nice alignment aid which more and more balls are adding to their collections. Would definitely recommend these to anyone looking for quality and value.